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Book Review: The Merger by Marriage by Cat Schield

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Las Vegas Nights’.

Once upon a time I saw the book lying in the library and I thought let’s take this one home to read.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s one of those books I might end up liking. 😉

So let’s see if it’s worth the time to read ‘The Merger by Marriage’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Violet Fontaine, JT Stone.

The Merger by Marriage by Cat Schield’ ~~ Synopsis:

Violet inherits stocks that can help her business rival JT Stone.

But JT Stone is not really her rival. At least Violet doesn’t see him as one. Neither does JT consider Violet a rival. She’s certainly an obsession for him.  

JT has a crush on Violet from the first day he met her. But JT’s maternal uncle Tiberius Stone warned him to stay away from Violet. So he did.

Violet is also one person, who knew JT’s estrange uncle. JT can no longer get to know his uncle as Tiberius Stone is dead. And it seems like with his uncle all the family secrets have been buried as well.

JT’s considering leaving the family business as he doesn’t approve of the way his father’s running the company. He’d have loved to right the wrongs in the company as well, but he lacks the share to take over the business.

While JT’s wondering and planning his future move, Violet reaches out to JT and informs him about her inheritance and its terms. When both fail to find a way to use the stocks to help JT takeover the company in any other way, Violet suggests they get married.

She cannot sell them and cannot vote in his favor as she’s not a family member.

Marrying JT would make her a family member and then she would vote in JT’s favor in stockholders meeting. But the marriage would be in the name only.

As a businessman JT sees the advantage of getting married to Violet. However, as someone, who has only seen games being played around him, he’s suspicious of her motives.

Why would she want to help him? Surely, she’s not the altruistic?  

Brushing the grim thoughts aside, he can also see another advantage of marrying Violet i.e. to finally get her in his bed. Despite the rule set by her not to get involved.

Violet is attracted to JT too, but she does all she can in her power to hide her attraction. She doesn’t want him to find out about her attraction to him. Avoiding him is difficult enough and would become almost impossible after marriage.

She doesn’t want to take a chance with falling for a man who wants to share nothing of his life and get her heart broken.

But as time passes by, they do get involved. It’s difficult to deny their overwhelming chemistry.


Violet’s character is likeable. She’s someone, who has seen the ups and downs of life, yet she’s not wallowing in self-pity all the time.

She’s optimistic, independent, go-getter and also loves to help people. 

Even JT’s character’s pretty good. He does have a dark past that makes him a bit of a loner. But together, Violet and JT makes a good fictional couple.

The story of ‘A Merger by Marriage’ is good and I enjoyed reading. You’d read it over the weekend.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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