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Book Review: Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink by Gina Drayer

Series: Book 4 in the ‘Modern Girl’s Guide’.

“There were no guarantees in matters of the heart. There comes a point in life where you just had to let go and fall.” ~~ Gina Drayer (Book: Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink)

This one’s an impulse download via the Kindle Unlimited. I was going to download some other ‘modern girl’s guide…’ but then thought, let’s take a bit of a risk. I’d always return the book if I don’t like it.

Since I’m still reluctant to create a category for erotica, I kept wondering where I’d publish this one if it falls into that genre.

I really don’t like adding more categories. It means more work because I’d have to spend time thinking about filling that one with posts too.

On Goodreads, it’s listed in the Romance category. But I have come across books that are anything but romance, still listed in that category for some reason. 😀

Anyway, let’s begin the review…..

Genre: Romance.

Main Characters: Kimberly Anne Patterson; Cash Cooper.

‘Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink by Gina Drayer’ ~~ Synopsis:

After suffering a heartbreak Kim moves to New York, thinking distance would mend her broken heart. Moving away gives her some space from her ex, the nasty memories of their relationship and her parents too.

After some time, Kim thinks she’s ready to start dating again. But she’s not sure if she should date some guy from the club or consider dating a normal guy.

The trouble with dating normal guys is, even if they do understand her preferences, sooner or later, they want to fix her. She does not believe there’s anything to fix in her.

She knows what she wants. Kim’s into BDSM and she’s careful about who she dates, especially after the disastrous breakup.

A friend convinces Cash to tag along to check out the Club V. That’s where he meets Kim but couldn’t see her face because of the mask. The club didn’t turn out to be what he’s thinking, but it’s still not his scene.

The most unforgettable thing about the club for Cash turned out to be the brief meeting with Kim.

They meet again and Cash recognizes Kim but Kim is sure they won’t meet again so it doesn’t matter. Turns out Kim’s landlady and Cash knows each other. And he’s her new neighbor and the man hired to fix the building.

Avoiding him is no longer possible and it’s clear he has connected the dots and came up with her face. No point denying but that doesn’t mean she owes him any explanation. 

There’s a sizzling chemistry between them and no matter how Kim tries, but she can’t ignore it. Kim doesn’t want to explore it either. He thinks she’s the one for him, but in time he’d probably want to fix her too.

But when a good friend, also in the lifestyle, proposes to introduce Kim to someone from the club, she’s not sure. Thanks to her attraction to Cash.

So she decides to give Cash a chance. Turns out Cash has no problems playing along and doesn’t seem to want to fix her. And they like to spend time together. It’s obvious he’s a little more than intrigued with her.

When she thinks everything is going smoothly for a change after moving to NY, she meets her ex again. For some weird reason, her ex is behaving as if nothing ever happened and it’s all in her head.

Not only her ex wants to resume their relationship, he’s got it into his head that she still wants to marry him. Even her parents think she’d come to her senses and marry her ex.

Kim can’t forget how he broke her heart and her trust. The kind of lifestyle they lead trust matters a lot.  

She’s not going back to him, not after she starts going out with Cash. He doesn’t seem to be running away from her, so she hesitantly begins to think maybe their relationship would survive.  

Cash tries to be patient with Kim and her reluctance to commit. Or even acknowledge what they have.

He’s hurt in the past and understands it might be the case with her too. But he’s sure Kim is the one he wants in his life. And he doesn’t mind, learning a few tricks to keep her happy.

Kim though, is still wondering. Cash seems like someone she’d fall for…should she put her heart at risk again?


The story of Kim & Cash kept me intrigued till the end.

Of course, I sensed it will end in HEA. But I did wonder sometimes what if it would not. Mostly because of Kim’s reluctance to give Cash a chance even if she wants.

‘Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink’ is a different read, contemporary romance yet not like all the stories out there.

And as the author has mentioned, it’s indeed a light look at ‘kink’. So I think it does fit into the contemporary romance category.

“Don’t try something that you know makes you uneasy. If every fiber of your being is saying ‘I don’t like it,’ don’t do it. I don’t care how much you love someone and want to make his or her ultimate fantasy come to life. Listen to your inner voice.” ~~ Gina Drayer (Book: Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink)

Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 4 stars/5.

Buy:  Amazon

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