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Book Review: The Prince’s Cinderella Bride by Amalie Berlin

A royal medical romance, drama? The one time I read this genre, I was disappointed. I couldn’t remember the title and certainly was not in the mood for hunting it around.

But in the end, I did waste time finding it. Here it is – The Royal’s American Love by Sophia Lynn.

Anyways, I had to try one more time. Also, the author is not self-published that maybe would make a difference?  

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Royal Romance.

Main Characters: Anais, Prince Quinton Corlow.

‘The Prince’s Cinderella Bride by Amalie Berlin’ ~~ Synopsis:

It’s been years & still Prince Quinton hasn’t gotten over his divorce or that he’s sent straight to join military. He likes to believe he’s gotten over all the past events and the one woman who left him so easily, breaking his heart in the process.  

When Quinton visits his injured friend, he comes face to face with his ex-wife – Anais. As per the information he got, Anais shouldn’t be in the country, leave alone working in one of the hospitals.

She seems to have changed or rather using a terrible makeover to hide in the plain sight. She may have been able to fool everyone around her, with subtle changes to her appearance, but she cannot fool him.

All of the feelings of hurt and anger from the past come back to haunt him after meeting with Anais out of the blue. He wants an answer to his question – why she left him without an explanation. Now that he’s back in the country, because his grandfather and the current king, is on his death bed, Quinton has enough time to confront Anais.

The last person Anais wants to meet is Quinton and come to the same conclusion again that she’s still in love with him. Serving in the military has changed the fun loving man she knew. But still she needs to be careful around him and not fall into his web of seduction again.

It’s clear he’s angry with her, but she knows that she’s saving him and his family from a scandal that’s been a bane of her existence ever since she married into the royal family.

A scandal from her past or no scandal, she still believes their marriage would not have survived anyway. She fell for the fun loving man and those are the traits that are most responsible for the falling out of their marriage.

No matter how she tried to have any meaningful discussion, he always ended up distracting her from the issue until the topic was discarded unresolved. She could not talk to him about the blackmail and ran away from her marriage.

It didn’t help that she married into the royalty and the people were not fond of Anais. Anais felt alone and cornered in the marriage. She’s not in the mood to repeat the same mistake again.

But when Quinton tells her that they are still married and he’s not going to divorce her. Anais begins to wonder how to make him see that they are not meant to be together, even if it would break her heart afresh.

Quinton accepts that he’s not over his wife and he wants to give their marriage one more chance.

He’s ready to do whatever it would take to convince Anais that he’s a changed man – starting with listening to her complaints and doing something about that issue and not pushing them under the rug.


I thought I would like it and I did for a couple of chapters. But afterwards I don’t know what happened. Reading ‘Prince’s Cinderella Bride’ became a chore I just wanted to finish.

There’s not much medical drama going on in the background after a first couple of chapters, which I liked. But it was not enough to keep my interest.

Though, I liked the plot idea, I couldn’t connect with the characters or the way story progresses.

Maybe it was the writing style that made it difficult for me to connect with it. It’s not bad or anything, I just didn’t like it much, or rather liked it at times and then didn’t.

You’d try it if you like Royal Romance stories.

Hit or Miss: OK.  

Ratings: 3star/5.

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