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Book Review: The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Seattle Sullivans’ (11 in ‘The Sullivans)

“Life was too short, and far too precious, to waste.” ~~ Bella Andre (Book: The Way You Look Tonight)

This one is certainly one of those series which may never end. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. But keeping track of which one belongs where, is a headache.

So from now on I’m only hoping for a good read, which I think the author do ensures.

Let’s find out a bit more about ‘The Way You Look Tonight’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Rafe Sullivan, Brooke Jansen.

‘The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre’ ~~ Synopsis:

After working as a cop, Rafe turns private investigator and opens his own investigation firm. In the beginning he used to love his work.

But ever since he started accepting cases of high-profile clients, who are only interested in finding out if their better-halves, are cheating, he’s losing interest in his work fast.

Catching all those cheaters has also turned him into a cynic. The more cheating spouses he catches, the more he begins to question if there’s any such thing as love in the world.

His sister convinces Rafe to take a vacation. Rafe agrees as it also gives him the opportunity to buy back the lake house their family lost when their father lost his job.

Time away from work will also give him the opportunity to think about what he should do next in his career.

Brooke is a romantic and believes in true love and trusting people. There’s just one time her trusting nature got her into trouble and since then her parents haven’t allowed her to forget about it.

When Brooke’s grandparents leave their lake house to Brooke, she decides it’s a perfect place to start her life & her new business, away from her over-protective parents.

She starts her chocolate business and spends her time thinking and planning the expansion of her business.

She’s happy and content in her new surroundings. But sometimes she misses the next door, family — the Sullivan family. She felt happy to be around them whenever she visited her grandparents. But when they suddenly left, the neighborhood felt empty.

Brooke’s childhood crush and her favorite Sullivan, Rafe, buys back the house next door and moves in.

After moving in Rafe finds that he has some major troubles in his hands.

1: His family vacation home is a mess. He will have to renovate the house from the scratch as its previous owners destroyed it.

2: He finds himself falling head over in lust with his sexy neighbor Brooke, who asks him to stay at her place till he fixes his house.

Rafe accepts Brooke’s offer reluctantly and makes a resolution to keep their relationship platonic. But all his best intentions go out of the window when Brooke propositions him for a summer fling.

Rafe tries to tell her it’s a terrible idea, but Brooke is bent on being wild. It’s either him or she’d find someone else.

Brooke couldn’t believe it that Rafe’s turning her down despite their obvious attraction. But their attraction is too strong and Rafe soon enough gives in.

Rafe second guesses everything, especially people’s intentions and motives. When it comes to Brooke, he suspects what you see is what you get, the reason why he wanted to stay away from her.

But after spending so much time with Brooke, he realizes it’s increasing becoming difficult to keep their relationship in ‘just a fling’ zone.


I didn’t connect with the characters. That I’m blaming on their ‘no strings attached fling’ conflict, which isn’t a conflict at all.

It gets resolved soon…too soon, which left me wondering why it’s mentioned in the first place. Or maybe I read one too many romances with this trope lately.

Also, apparently, Rafe is the ‘wild guy’. Brooding and cynical, he does seem like in the beginning, but ‘wild’ not really. There’s an instant personality change the moment he meets Brooke and our supposedly wild hero turns into Brooke’s mirror image.

Maybe if he were wild enough, there would have been a conflict.

Despite these minor glitches, I enjoyed reading ‘The Way You Look Tonight’. It’s a fun and light read for a weekend. It ends pretty soon too. 

So mostly gets points for being a good distraction, but sadly not a memorable distraction.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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