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Book Review: The Wingman by Natasha Anders

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Alpha Men’

After reading ‘A Ruthless Proposition’ there was no way I would not have tried another one of Ms. Anders books.

‘The Wingman’ caught my attention. So let’s find out what’s it about and how entertaining it is….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Daisy McGregor, Mason Carlisle.

‘The Wingman by Natasha Anders’ ~~ Synopsis:

Mason’s brother Spencer wants to flirt with his long-standing crush, one of the McGregor sisters, now that he’s single again.

But the McGregor sisters are in the club to celebrate their sister’s hen party. They are extremely protective of each other and Spencer’s crush may not leave her younger sister Daisy alone so he’d flirt with her. So Spencer requests Mason to flirt with Daisy for a while.

Mason, neither likes Spencer’s idea, nor wants to flirt with Daisy & lead her on. She’s not his type. But when Spencer persists Mason gives in. What’s the harm in talking to her – it’s not that he’d ever reveal his reason behind talking to her.

Over the years, Daisy has resigned to the fate of being called ‘the other sister’ – the one who is not beautiful like her sisters but is intelligent. She is somewhat comfortable with herself, but that doesn’t mean the comparison doesn’t hurt.

She has learned to not show the hurt. She’s barely tolerating the hen party because her sisters obnoxious friends.

When Mason Carlisle approaches her and begins to flirt with her. Daisy couldn’t believe it. Everyone knows Carlisle brothers. They were troublesome little things growing up, but has managed to do well for themselves. They were also notorious for their good looks.

Daisy is unsure why Mason is talking to her. Shouldn’t someone like him flirt with one of her sisters or her sisters’ friends? But soon Mason makes Daisy forget about her self-doubts and she begins to enjoy talking to him.

Till she overhears the real reason Mason was talking to her. It hurts to find out the real reason, but Daisy decides to get over it.

But not before making Mason pay for leading her on. So she propositions him to accompany her to her sister’s wedding as her date.

To her surprise Mason agrees. He didn’t want to fool Daisy, nor did he want her to find out and get hurt. Now that she has found out about his stupid action, it makes sense to atone.

Even after a day, Daisy is reeling from her proposal to Mason to become her fake boyfriend. She wants to take back the offer, but Mason insists that they should go ahead with it.

Not only that, he proposes that they are seen together a few times around the town before her sister’s wedding to make them look like a real couple.

Daisy begins to doubt Mason’s plan to make their fake relationship look real. She’s sure no one would believe they are dating. But Mason is so convincing that even Daisy begins to fall a little for the good guy he is.

But she knows in the end, it’s all an act and something he’s doing out of guilt. The more time Mason spends with Daisy, the more he realizes how deceptive appearance could be.


‘The Wingman’ doesn’t disappoint. But I found it lacking on the angst and intensity that I encountered in ‘A Ruthless Proposition’.

I found ‘The Wingman’ easy and by that I mean there’s not much angst I detected in this one. It’s also funny at times and the characters are likeable and relatable.

Towards the end, I was a bit worried that it’s not going to end in a HEA because as I saw it, we were running out of pages. 😀

I have only one complaint that’s – too much secondary character drama. I understand it’s the first book in the series and maybe it’s necessary to get a bit familiar with the other characters.

The romance between the characters develops slowly and subtly.

But I didn’t like the interruption from the secondary characters. I liked Daisy & Mason’s story or else I might have stopped reading it. I also had trouble believing in the sisters bond.

If they were so loyal and protective of each other then why it took the arrival of Mason in Daisy’s life for Daff & Lia to see that their friends have been bullying their little sister forever. Were Daff & Lia blind before? This angle I found forced.

Anyways, if you’re getting a bit bored with insta-love and love to read about opposites attract, and then try ‘The Wingman’. 

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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