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Book Review: The Wolf Next Door by Lydia Dare

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Westfield Wolves’.

It took me some time to digest the fact that the book that I have been longing to read was right in front of my eyes.

Okay, my wish was not to read ‘The Wolf Next Door by Lydia Dare’ I just wanted to read at least one the books by the author duo.

I wanted to read some book from the series ‘Gentlemanly Vampire’.

This one isn’t a bad option either. I mean, it’s a romance book and there are werewolves. I can read that.

Let’s begin the review…

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance.

Main Characters: Prisca Hawthorne, Lord William Westfield.

‘The Wolf Next Door by Lydia Dare’ ~~ Synopsis:

Prisca Hawthorne and Lord William Westfield share a love-hate relationship with each other. Their favorite pastime is to shoot sarcastic comments at each other.

Everyone who witnesses their behavior comes to the conclusion that they hate each other. The opposite is true and no one knows that once upon a time they had almost eloped.

But Will didn’t show up at the appointed time and now Hell hath no fury like Prisca scorned. She felt like a fool for falling for Will and thinking he loved her too.

She hides her feelings for Will behind her sarcastic comments. While on the other hand, goes around rejecting anyone who wants to marry her.

Her brothers want her to choose a guy and marry him soon. But it’s clear from her actions that she has no intention of marrying anytime soon.

So they decide to intervene and plan to marry her to William, one way or another. To make their plan work one of her brothers introduces his friend Dashiel Thorpe, the Earl of Brimsworth.

Dashiel falls for Prisca without knowing her brothers plan and begins wooing Prisca. Prisca wants to stay away from Dashiel.

Seeing Dashiel courting Prisca, makes Will jealous. So he begins to find ways to keep the Earl away from Prisca.

Will also recognizes Dashiel is a werewolf like him and his brothers, but there’s wildness in Dashiel’s manner.

So when Prisca gets lost in the jungle and Will finds her, he decides to keep her there till morning. This way, her family will agree to marry her to him to keep her reputation intact.

Things work out as per Will’s plan. But Prisca is so angry that she makes his life hell after marriage.

William tries to pacify her anger, but mostly in vain. Since she’s is in the angry unforgiving mood, Will decides not to tell her that he’s also a werewolf.


Phew! This book destroyed my good mood every time I started reading it. And I have finished the book despite all the madness unleashed in the story.

It also made me question if we are to digest and accept what’s happening in the story as a romance. I didn’t find Will’s behavior one bit romantic.

Infuriating, disgusting…yes! Romantic…No! His behavior falls under another category too: harassment/molestation.

Add intentional lying, manipulation and duping ‘the love of his life’ into marrying him. The worst he also suffers from “entitlement” issues.

For example: He must have Prisca in his life by any means possible because maybe the other guy (supposed villain) wants to marry her too. 

Since I was feeling so bad I decided to break my rule (of not reading other reviews of the book I’m reviewing) and read some on Goodreads.

Every time Will appears, he destroyed everything around with his lying, cheating, harassing and manipulating ways.

One time it seemed as if he’ll make some amends by confessing the whole truth to her father and clear Prisca’s name.

How can I be so naïve? He is the villain in this story.

Even there he behaved so dishonorably and corrupted even Prisca’s father, by making the other man participate in his intentional lying, and manipulating ways.  

Since his intentions and actions match, so there’s no question of forgetting and forgiving and let’s move on.

So yes, I had amazing time believing even for one moment that Will loves Prisca. He lusts after her….Yes. Will Loves Prisca? No.

His character first needs to understand that the love is not about chaining the person you love for yourself by hook or crook.

And the biggest lie of all: till the end he didn’t even reveal that he’s a werewolf. And he loves her?

More than once I asked myself: What’s happening in this story?

I get it that both characters are stubborn and don’t want to talk and clear misunderstandings between them. But they don’t clear misunderstandings till the end!

There’s so much resentment and anger lurking in their relationship and it’s difficult to believe the ending that they ‘lived happily ever after’.

And what shall I say about Prisca’s family other than: If you have a family like that you don’t need enemies. (Run for your life because anyone who thinks they know what’s best for you, is fatal to your happiness and life.)

I was set to dislike Dashiel Thorpe as he seems like a villain. But, surprise again, he’s more of a hero in the story than Will.

Dashiel’s portrayed as a danger to Prisca. That’s laughable because she’s courted by Mr. Dangerous & Wrong and then forced to marry him. And someone else is a threat to her…how? 

‘The Wolf Next Door’ annoyed me so much that I’m not sure if I’d be able to find courage to read any of the other books in the series.

Also enough hints are there to indicate Will’s brothers are no different than him. I rather not waste my time trying to give myself a raging headache after reading these books. 

The scary thought is: I was planning to buy all of the books in the series. Finding this one in the library was a pure luck.

Hit or Miss: Get it from the library.

Ratings:  1stars/5.

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