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BOOK REVIEW: Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson

Series:  Book 2 in the ‘Fates’ series.

I love reading fairy tales, whether they end in HEA or not. Of course, it’s always, better that they end in HEA, even if they are a bit on the darker side.

‘Thoroughly Kissed By Kristine Grayson’ is a retelling of a sleeping beauty. I read a few pages and couldn’t help smiling. So it’s decided that this book’s going home with me.

Let’s begin the review and see if it stayed as amusing as I thought it’s…

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fairy-tale Retelling.

Main Characters: Emma Lost, Michael Found.

‘Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson’ ~~ Synopsis:  

Emma Lost aka Sleeping Beauty, wakes up after thousand years of sleep and finds herself in the 21st century. With the help of her friends, that includes her ex (the one responsible for Emma’s thousand year long coma) and his wife, Emma learns the ways of the new world around.

The new world scared her when she’d woken from the sleep. But after ten years of living in the 21st century, one thing is for sure she can’t imagine going back in the Dark Age. Her life is more comfortable in the 21st century. 😉

Also, Emma has come a long way in a short span of ten years. From someone who knew nothing to become a bestselling author, who specializes in the Dark Ages (her birth era) and being an associate history professor at a University.

There’s still a lot she doesn’t know but she’s proud of her progress and achievements as she didn’t take help of magic to gain knowledge to navigate the new world. Her life in the new century is turning out to be surprisingly good.


Michael Found, her new gorgeous neighbor and the new chairman of the history department, enters her world. The first thing Michael does after getting to the University is to find out about the famous professor….Emma Found.

Michael wants to know why everyone’s singing her praises while he’d not find anything substantial in her work. One look at the packed class and the woman teaching, he realizes why no one seems to want to miss attending the lecture.

Emma Lost is fairy tale kind of beautiful and every guy around her seems spell-bound. If only he knew how on the spot his guess was. 😀

But he’s not every man and still not impressed with the claims she’s made in her bestselling book. Michael doesn’t want someone like Emma, who he’s almost sure is faking her Dark Age knowledge, in his department. He fears someday someone will expose Emma that would bring bad name to his department.

All of a sudden Emma’s smooth life isn’t all that smooth. There are problems and the only problems around her. Her predicaments:

1. She’s attracted to Michael. But getting close to him isn’t an option as she’s scared of kissing. The last time she’d kissed, she ended up missing thousand years of her life. She’s not kissing anyone, not even Michael, no matter how tempting. She’s also not sure if the curse has run its course or not.

“Thinking about him was almost as bad as looking at him and looking at him made her forget all her vows.” ~~ Kristine Grayson (Book: Thoroughly Kissed)

2. Michael doesn’t see her as a real history professor and is sure she’s bluffing about everything in her book. How she became a bestselling author baffle him. Emma doesn’t want Michael or someone else digging into ‘how and why’ of her claims. Also, he wants her to quit her job without creating any drama.

3. She gets her magical powers before the time. Since she was busy living as a normal human being she didn’t bother to prepare for her powers. Now she has no idea how to control her magic.

And the one man, who can help, as per rules of magic world, can’t travel to her, to teach her how to control her magic.

Emma needs someone, who can travel with her and help reverse wayward spells if it comes to that. She asks her friends without revealing the true nature of her troubles, but no one has time to go with her on her journey.

So Emma asks Michael as by accident, he knows about her magic. Michael turns her down. He doesn’t feel good about turning her down, but he can’t leave his job for someone he doesn’t know.

Then the ghost of Christmas future visits Michael because he’s not supposed to say no. 😀 The ghost shows him how trip alone will end for Emma, Michael decides to go with her.

Despite their differences Michael doesn’t want Emma dead. And there’s a small issue of Michael liking Emma as well. But it’s difficult to tell if he likes her because he likes her or if it’s her magic.


It’s one of the sweetest romance stories I have read in a long time. The story is funny and I liked all the characters, especially the cat. The cats, I suppose, always find a way to grab attention. ;D I loved Emma’s character a lot and her uncontrollable magic. It’s fun!

Sometimes I found chapters extended without much cause as there’s no conflict, not of a magical sort or otherwise. Those that are there, got resolved quickly.

I loved meeting Fates…they are slightly eccentric. The kind of eccentricity that makes for great characters sometimes. 😉 I could have ended the review in just one line:

Emma got lost, Michael found her and they lived happily ever after! 😉

“You have to believe in something. What’s wrong with believing that some people get happiness for the rest of their lives?” ~~ Kristine Grayson (Book: Thoroughly Kissed)

Hit Or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 4 stars/5.

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