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BOOK REVIEW: To Defy A Sheikh By Maisey Yates

“Beauty meant little. Beauty was often deceptive. Beauty could be used to hide strength and cunning.” ~~ Maisey Yates (Book: To Defy A Sheikh)

So I didn’t like ‘One Night To Risk It All’ much. But one book isn’t good enough to decide if you should read other books by the author. ‘To Defy A Sheikh’ I grabbed almost accidentally; I was in a hurry to leave so only read the author name.

If I remember correctly, it’s okay to say, that till date, I have read a couple books in this category. Or rather with this particular keyword (sheikh). I remember disliking those books for some or other reason.

I probably would not have picked this one, if I had read the title. I didn’t. So let’s hope for the best, I said to myself before starting reading it. 😀

Let’s see what’s the story of ‘To Defy A Sheikh ~~ Maisey Yates’ is like….

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Princess Samarah Al-Azem, Sheikh Ferran Bashar.

‘To Defy A Sheikh By Maisey Yates’ ~~ Synopsis:

Once upon a time ago, Samara’s a sheltered little princess. But all that changed in a blink of an eye, when her father discovered her mother’s betrayal. No trace of her previous life was left in the ruins of hatred and revenge.

Samara struggles to survive, when her mother too abandons her. That’s when Samara decides to avenge the death of her father and the destruction of her country and her life as it should have been.

There’s nothing she wants more than to kill Sheikh Ferran Bashar. Someone she knew when she was a child. But he’s the one responsible for all the destruction that made her a homeless orphan.

Samara learns to fight and waits a long time to get a chance to get near Ferran. Consumed with hatred & the desire to take revenge, Samara takes a job in the palace. And one night, she finds her chance to attack. But Samara misses her mark and Ferran stops her from staking him with a knife.

Ferran couldn’t believe an assassin got passed his security, but he knows, sometimes things happen. And he’s thankful that he’s alert enough to save himself on time. But only the young, beautiful creature, shooting daggers from her eyes, can explain who sent her to kill him. And she does.

For a while he doesn’t believe Samara’s claim that no one has sent her. But then she reveals that she’s the princess long considered dead. Ferran doesn’t know what to do. Is it possible that she, along with her mother, escaped that destructive night sixteen years ago?

That horrible night he hasn’t forgotten and repents till date. Since she does seem to know about the princess, Ferran believes her. Her presence also makes him wonder if he’d correct some of the wrongs done, starting with giving the princess her rightful place in the world.

So he gives Samara two options:

1. If she picks revenge, then it’s prison, she’s going to spend the rest of her life in.

2. Marry him and become the Sheikha. Their marriage would help him to establish some sort of peace between the countries that once were friends.

Samara disagrees. There’s no way she’s marrying the man, who ordered her father’s death. But after spending some time in the prison, she changes her strategy.

The closer she is to Ferran, the more chances she would get to kill him. So next morning she agrees to his idea and in a moment, once again, her life changes.

She’s living as she should have. But all the luxury surrounding her is not enough to make her forget her revenge.  

Ferran’s sure Samara might not let go her desire for revenge anytime soon. But he doesn’t blame her for wanting it. After all, his own desire to get even and losing temper, is the reason why they’ve this kind of present.

No matter how much he wants to right some of the wrongs, he’s still sure she’ll never forgive him.


An unexpected hit for sure. I liked both characters. They are both tortured souls as they both have hauntingly terrible past.

After fighting and few kicks here and there, they learn their lesson to not stay glued to their pasts and move on with life. 

There’s a small issue. I found it difficult to believe that Ferran believed Samara so easily and proposed marriage (solution). I don’t know, maybe he should have asked for some kind of a proof?

Anyway, that’s just me and this doesn’t change that I enjoyed reading ‘To Defy A Sheikh’.

“Perhaps in the end, that was the weakness. To aspire to nothing more than revenge, because wanting anything more had always seemed impossible.” ~~ Maisey Yates (Book: To Defy A Sheikh)

Hit Or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3 Stars/5.

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