book review twelve nights of temptation barbara dunlop

Book Review: Twelve Nights of Temptation by Barbara Dunlop

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Whisky Bay Brides’

I do end up liking the cover of this line, but this time I read the blurb as well.

Let’s move on to the synopsis & the review of the ‘Twelve Nights of Temptation’…..

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Harlequin.

Main Characters: Tasha Lowell, Matt Emerson.

‘Twelve Nights of Temptation by Barbara Dunlop’ ~~ Synopsis:

Tasha always wanted to be a mechanical engineer. But she comes from a wealthy family and as per her family she should have adapted to their lifestyle and expectations.

When her parents couldn’t understand her desire to fix things, Tasha moves away from them to live the way she wants to. Now she lives a simple life of a mechanic and fixes ships for the millionaire Matt Emerson.

When some strange accidents that should not happen without a reason, begins to happen Tasha begins to question if it’s her or someone is trying to sabotage Matt’s business.

After the divorce, Matt is feeling the pinch in the financial department. He cannot afford additional loses that frequent accidents on his ships are occurring all of a sudden.

So when Tasha expresses her suspicion, Matt asks her to help him investigate the matter.

He does not just want to find out the cause of the recent accidents, but if possible date Tasha as well.

Despite knowing that probably mixing business and pleasure is not a good idea. After all, she works for him and he does not want to lose a skilled employee like her for his lust.

One thing is for sure, he’s not looking for anything permanent. But there’s something about her that he likes and finds difficult to ignore.

There’s no doubt that Tasha loves her job. She also like the attention Matt showers on her. But she doesn’t want to forget that having a relationship with him could complicate her life personally and professionally as well


I should have allowed the misleading blurb to warn me of this one. Sample the blurb on the book I got…..

“Tom boy mechanic Tasha Lowell is CEO Matt Emerson’s type at all. She’s supposed to be repairing his yacht, not getting under his skin. But when a charity-ball makeover reveals the sensuous woman underneath the baggy clothes, Matt knows he must have her…”

I checked the blurb of the same book with different edition and it’s different and does not seem so sexist.  

Anyways, the way story goes inside, makes mockery of the blurb, which is good. It doesn’t come across as if Matt’s falling for Tasha because she dressed up for the party. That’s the only plus for this story and that’s a bad sign.

Now all that’s not up to mark in the story:

1: Emotions: There are not any emotions anywhere. I searched. The author’s writing style is without emotions. There’s so much action crammed into the story that it has no place for building up of romance or anything. I thought it’s a Romance novel.  

2: Resistance: This factor could have gone in the story’s favor. But both characters are so bent on resisting each other till the last chapter that you get tired by the time they decide not to resist.

Actually, they give up their resistance all of a sudden in the last chapter, which makes it all seem fake.

One moment Tasha was concerned about staying an independent career woman and the next moment she’s planning marriage and kids. Which would have been all fine, but it just doesn’t come across as if their issues are resolved at all.

(This Matt character is heading towards another divorce for sure.)

She gives in to exactly what she’s standing up against from the beginning. It happens so fast that you would wonder if Tasha got a brain transplant or her split personality reared its ugly head.

She’s such a strong character, but so poorly handled.

Then there’s Matt. One moment he’s like it’s too soon to be in love and the next he’s a ring and is planning kids. Even the lust between them seems to have ‘manufactured in the factory’ kind of feel to it.  

They also have money issue between them. Matt sees nothing wrong with making money and enjoying the life.

Tasha comes from a rich family and doesn’t like it. This issue is thrown into the mix for what purpose I don’t know. The one thing I do know is, it’s not handled properly or resolved.

3: Too Many Characters: Now I don’t even remember any of them, other than their annoying presence.

So many annoying secondary characters are probably the number one reason for no romance in this story. They are wasting the precious space that should have been spent on the main characters.

4: Mystery: When you cannot get the romance right then you should leave the mystery angle alone. The mystery or whatever it is….is laughable to say the least and it doesn’t fit anywhere. Again, everything gets resolved as if nothing ever happened.

The author clearly wasn’t sure what she wanted to write – Romance or Mystery.

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: -1star/5.

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