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Book Review: Vows They Can’t Escape by Heidi Rice

Too Close For Comfort’ was the first Heidi Rice I read. It was good reading experience, though I found the story novella length.

So when I recognized the author’s name in the library, I picked the book without much thinking.  It’s not often you spot a familiar name in the pile of books that look all the same at first glance.

Let’s find out some more about the plot of ‘Vows That They Can’t Escape’…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Xanthe Carmichael, Dane Redmond.

‘Vows They Can’t Escape by Heidi Rice’ ~~ Synopsis:

Once upon a long time ago, Xanthe fancied herself in love with the guy her father didn’t approve of. She thought they could build a life together, but things didn’t work out as she’d wished.

Ten years later Xanthe believes she’s no longer a love starved teenager, who would fall for someone just because he showered some attention on her. She certainly has no desire to fall for someone as arrogant as her ex-husband Dane.

If it were possible she’d have nothing to do with him. But thanks to her late father, who is meddling in her life, even from beyond the grave, it’s important to meet Dane.

Her father’s overprotective of her, but it becomes clear to Xanthe that he never wanted her to run his company. As per his vision, her future husband would have got the majority of the family business.

But Xanthe during his lifetime, she doesn’t get married. Afterwards, when she’s almost on the verge of becoming the head of the company, her lawyer informs her, she’s still legally married to her ex.

Now that’s a crisis. If she failed to convince her Dane to sign the divorce papers, Dane would get the majority shares.

Xanthe worked too hard to let the company slip from her fingers at the last moment. Now that Dane has built his own shipping empire, he might not even want to have her company.

Or he probably would want it, just to exact some form of twisted revenge on a man who once disapproved of him. Xanthe doesn’t want to take any chances.

So she decides to only inform Dane that they are still married and need to sign the divorce papers. The less he knows about her father’s will, the better.

After ten years, Dane didn’t expect Xanthe standing in his office, demanding a divorce. As far as he knows they have been divorced for a while.

Why should he trust someone who never trusted him? Seeing Xanthe walks into his life once again, stirs up all the memories and feelings of betrayal he buried long time ago.

So much has changed, the girl he fell for has changed and their circumstances have too. But the one thing that has not changed is their sizzling chemistry. They wanted each other ten years ago and they still do.

Then why would she turn down his offer to spend some time with him, when some of the worst past misunderstandings between them have been cleared and he’s ready to sign the divorce papers.

It doesn’t take Dane to find out why Xanthe came in person to deliver the papers and it brings back all the hurtful feelings. He’d not believe it that she’s still trying to manipulate him when there’s no need to.

So he refuses to sign the paper and goes on a holiday. Xanthe doesn’t know what happened. But this time around, she’s determined to get what she wants, even if she’d have to chase Dane around the globe.

The Song Dedicated to Xanthe & Dane:

Escape by Enrique Iglesias.


I still remember reading ‘Too Close for Comfort’ and how the writing style kept me reading. The same goes for the writing style of the ‘Vows They Can’t Escape’ that’s engaging. 

I enjoyed reading ‘I love still you – but I hate you too theme’ of the story. The story is quite dramatic and tense from the beginning, which is good.

I worried a little that the story would go downhill when Dane figures out Xanthe’s lie within a couple of chapters. As it turns out the characters have more issues to resolve than just sorting out one lie.

Xanthe & Dane are both complex characters. Yet the kind of characters one could relate to with their insecurities and misunderstandings that they kept creating, till everything resolves in the end and leads to a smooth HEA.

The author beautifully maintains the tense environment till the end. If you love second chance romance, you may like ‘Vows They Can’t Escape’ over the weekend.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 4star/5.

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