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Book Review: Wedding at King’s Convenience by Maureen Child

Series: Book 6 in the ‘Kings of California’.

‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’ was free for a while in Flipkart ereader app. And I had come across the author name quite a lot, so I was curious to read.

Let’s find get to the review….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Maura Donohue, Jefferson King.

“Wedding at King’s Convenience by Maureen Child” Summary:

Jefferson is looking for a perfect location for his studio’s upcoming movie. His assistant finds a couple of properties and he starts checking out which one would be good for the movie.

Jefferson ends up selecting Maura’s farm in Ireland. The location is perfect; people are friendly, except the farm owner Maura.

No matter how Jefferson tries to charm Maura, for some reason, she isn’t agreeing to rent her property.

He has done his homework and knows that Maura needs money. So her refusal surprised him.

Maura has her reasons, reasons that are part business and part not-so-business.

She knows how securing the deal will not only benefit her farm. But will provide business for locals as well for a few months. One reason the villagers are insisting she signs the deal soon.

Maura is also a shrewd businesswoman, who’s gauged Jefferson’s interest in securing the deal, so she is just buying time. Every time she rejects the deal, he raises the rental money.

The second reason is she likes having him around (lust at first sight). And she knows Jefferson will stay only till she signs the deal.

At last Maura signs the deal. Once the deal’s done, a celebration is must. So they decide to act on their mutual desire and going their separate ways in the morning.

After a couple of months, Maura is still thinking about Jefferson (same goes for him). But they have their own lives in different countries that they are not ready to leave for the possibility of a relationship.

But when Maura finds out, she’s pregnant (downfall of the story begins precisely at this point) she tries her best of contact Jefferson to let him know.

Failing to contact him, she sets a chain reaction that forces Jefferson to land in the village soon.

All of a sudden, Jefferson finds out that the friendly people of the village are giving difficult time to his film crew and even Maura isn’t too welcoming on her farm.

Soon Jefferson finds out the root cause of discontent and tries to make amends by offering to marry Maura.

But, Maura won’t marry him for the sake their child. Nothing short of love will convince her to marry him. And Jefferson doesn’t want to love anyone as he’s clinging to his past.


Minus Points:

Once I found out the outcome of Maura and Jefferson’s no-strings attached arrangement, I lost interest in reading any further.

The plots with this kind of twists destroy the fantasy-escapist elements from any love-story quicker than I believe most would care to admit.

Most Harlequin novels you can read smoothly and credits goes to smooth (read almost identical & generic) writing style in almost all the novels. This one disappointed me there as well.

I felt a strange disconnection with the language that destroyed half the fun of reading. Even when I don’t like a particular story, I rarely feel bothered by the writing style of Harlequin novels’ authors.

Frankly, I cannot tell one from the other.  

Plus Points:

Couldn’t find any…it’s just another formula Harlequin novel with a language that fails to stir interest, unless you like this specific plot trope.

Despite all the minuses, I can’t forget to mention that I liked Maura’s character. She’s different from most of Harlequin’s heroines and speaks her mind freely.

Truth be told, I finished the novel, not because it’s a short-read, but because of the real strong, independent, female character Maura.

Other than Maura, there’s not much to like in it.

Hit or Miss: Miss or Get it from library.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

Buy: Amazon

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