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Book Review: Wedding at Pelican Beach by Emily Forbes

“The future will take care of itself. Don’t miss out on what you’ve got right now by worrying about the future.” ~~ Emily Forbes (Book: Wedding at Pelican Beach)

This is the last story in the bundle and my expectations are not many from this one at all.

Anyway, let’s read the review to find out more about ‘Wedding at Pelican Beach’…..

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Eva Henderson, Dr Zac Carlisle.

‘Wedding at Pelican Beach by Emily Forbes’ ~~ Synopsis:

Dr Zac Carlisle’s a busy man. Lately, he’s feeling too much stress because of the shortage of competent staff in his hospital.

Then there’s the issue of government considering cutting funding to the hospital. He needs to find fast and effective solutions to most of his problems.

But first thing first: the new nurse candidate, Eva, who seems more like a belly dancer than a nurse.

He wonders how skillful someone, who visits their office in such unprofessional clothes, could possibly be.

Zac is sure soon he’d have to begin his search anew for someone to fill another empty position in the hospital.

Eva is not the one to take offense easily, so she let Zac’s snide comment and his suspicion over her qualifications, slide past her.

She’s working as a temp at the Pelican Beach hospital for only a month and that too because of her sister-in-laws impending surgery.

Once her stint is over, she’d be back to her volunteering work and taking part time jobs as and when she wants to.

So Zac’s rude comment doesn’t matter. And she knows it’s only a matter of time when he will find out, that she’s good at her job.

Despite the poor impression she’s made on him the first time, she’s sure she’d win his approval before she leaves.

Soon Zac finds out that he judged Eva too soon and without any evidence against her abilities to handle her job well.

The way she diagnosed a patient suffering from the aftereffects of drug use, it’s clear she knows what she’s doing.

Now that his suspicions about her skills are put to rest, there are new concerns raising their nasty heads. How does she know so much about drugs?

Was she or still is an addict? And then there’s a mystery of gaps in her employment records. It seems the skillful nurse, is in-demand, but she doesn’t stay with one hospital for long. He wonders why.

Eva begins to like the broody & reserved Zac a little too much for her liking and there’s a small issue of them being neighbors to avoid each other.

Zac, despite his suspicions, can’t ignore that he does like Eva and her devil-may-care attitude is a breath of fresh air all around and in his life.

The life he’s carefully planned and vowed to stay away from all love-related entanglements.

Eva’s presence is shaking his resolve and then there’s a small issue of his friends wanting to play cupid with them. But there are reasons he avoids relationships and he’s not sure if he’s ready to share them.

“For all the promises in the world, no one ever knew how they’d react when life played one of her cruel tricks.” ~~ Emily Forbes (Book: Wedding at Pelican Beach)


I want to know why the misleading title. There’s no wedding anywhere in the book, not even some distant kind.

So if you want to get this book because you like reading about characters getting married then this book isn’t for you. No one is getting married, not even in the end.

I don’t get along well with wedding or wanting children theme trope, so I didn’t pick it for that. But do have something against misleading titles.

I also didn’t pick it because I love medical romance and drama, far from it.

I don’t believe in intentionally creating stress for myself, not when I want to escape into another reality.

I did like the first half of this story and thought it’s a good clean read. You can pick it if you’re looking for all romance plus some medical drama.

But by the time it begins approaching the end, I had a feeling that the story needs oxygen to survive and fast.

I found the chapter eleven unnecessary, a couple of thousand words would have taken care the ending. There’s no need to add a dull chapter that I cannot even remember now.

No need for the last chapter and dragging the story that wants an oxygen mask just to survive after the ninth chapter.

I did like the ending. Anyway, the conclusion is simple enough: if you want to read a medical romance, drama then you’d go for ‘Wedding at Pelican Beach’.

Otherwise, find another book to read or if you’re reading stories from box-set called ‘One Summer at the Beach’ then I recommend ‘Not-So-Perfect-Princess’.

Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 1stars/5.

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