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Book Review: Wicked Sexy by Anne Marsh

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Men Of Discovery Island’ & Uniformly Hot.

Another book I got that I later find out is also part of the ‘Uniformly Hot!’ series. As I have already read a couple of books in this series like Command Control & Testing the Limits. I enjoyed reading these two books.

So choosing ‘Wicked Sexy’ over some other one made sense.

Let’s find out a bit more about ‘Wicked Sexy ~~ Anne Marsh’…

Genre: Romance/Harlequin Novels.

Main Characters: Daeg Ross, Daninelle Andrews (Dani).

‘Wicked Sexy by Anne Marsh’ ~~ Synopsis:

Dani Andrews is back on the Discovery Islands to spend some time alone after breaking up with her fiancé.

And to think why her almost perfect and predictable relationship unraveled, leaving her heartbroken.

While spending time on the beach, Dani meets her teenage crush Daeg.

Daeg is back on the island too, to recover from a leg injury and help his friends set up their new business. He wants to get back to his job of rescue swimmer as soon as possible.

But not before finding out why he still remembers Dani when they didn’t talk as much to each other growing up.

Soon a thought crosses his mind — maybe they’d have some fun as long as they are on the island.

But Dani has other plans. At least she entertains a couple of them like staying away from Daeg as she’s still holding a grudge towards him for running away after kissing her ten years ago.

Or maybe she’d have a fling and leave him like he did.

Dani decides to do the sensible and staying away from Daeg makes more sense much more sense than falling for his charming ways.

But, this time Deag believes it’s a good idea to explore what possibilities they have together.

In the end, Dani stops resisting and gets in a relationship with Daeg. A holiday fling might help her get over the heartbreak.


The story begins on a promising note. I had a feeling that soon, Dani and Daeg will turn into one of those characters I’d like.

Whenever I’m reading a book in this series my mind is almost made up in advance to like the story.

If only things worked out like that for ‘Wicked Sexy’ too.

The plot falls short on the promise of romance, excitement and emotion.

The story becomes so boring that I even dreaded writing review of it. But in the end, I managed and finished the review, even if I didn’t want to.

The protagonists fall in love, in these books, too soon and easy and thanks to the sizzle factor created by the authors you’d believe the scenario as well. Sometimes the magic is just missing.

But with ‘Wicked Sexy’ the ending seems unrealistic for even a fictional world standard.

The chemistry between Dani & Daeg is not steady throughout the book. It’s there one moment and then goes missing in the other scenes.

At one time I was hoping the story would end with a bold ending. Like they parted ways after a enjoying a fling; that in my opinion, would have added much needed sizzle factor to this story.

Otherwise, it’s a dull read. The narration style adds to the boredom as it swings between matter-of-fact and a hint of excitement once in a while.

Since it’s a trilogy, there are two more books to go. This book disappointed me, but not enough to discourage me from wanting to read the last two installments.

But I think I’d like to be safe and try to find them at the library. As other two characters, Cal & Tag, sounds interesting, but even Daeg & Dani did when I started reading this book.  

I wish the other two stories in the series turn out better than this one, if I decide to read them.

I didn’t find anything ‘wicked’ or even ‘sexy’ about the story. Of course, my verdict doesn’t include the cover, which matches the blurb and the title.

‘Wicked Sexy by Anne Marsh’ is a one time if you can manage even that.

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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