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Book Review: Vows They Can’t Escape by Heidi Rice

‘Too Close For Comfort’ was the first Heidi Rice I read. It was good reading experience, though I found the story novella length. So when I recognized the author’s name in the library, I picked the book without much thinking.  It’s not often you spot a familiar name in the pile of books that look […]

Book Review: Miracle under the Mistletoe by Jennifer Taylor

I usually don’t go for this line of Mills and Boon books. The last one — Wedding at Pelican Beach by Emily Forbes — I read I was so boring that it’s a surprise that I even finished it. Anyway, this one isn’t part of any box-sets and it’s apparently published recently. So let’s find […]

Book Review: Wedding at Pelican Beach by Emily Forbes

“The future will take care of itself. Don’t miss out on what you’ve got right now by worrying about the future.” ~~ Emily Forbes (Book: Wedding at Pelican Beach) This is the last story in the bundle and my expectations are not many from this one at all. Anyway, let’s read the review to find […]

Book Review: Mystery Date by Crystal Green

“Too many people in love don’t think, that’s why they don’t stay together.” ~~ Crystal Green (Book: Mystery Date) Turned out ‘Mystery Date’ and ‘Lead Me On’ is sort of related to each other. I was happy that I picked both books. So let’s find out how ‘Mystery Date’ is…. Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and […]

Book Review: Lead Me On by Crystal Green

I don’t think it’s the cover that made me choose this book. It looks weird. Anyways, since I had the book, I read it. Here’s the review of ‘Lead Me On’…. Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon. Main Characters: Margot Walker, Chris Barrows. ‘Lead Me On by Crystal Green’ ~~ Synopsis: Margot is a successful […]

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