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Book Review: The Sheikh’s Last Mistress by Rachael Thomas

I don’t find the ‘Sheikh’ trope appealing, as I find the plot too fantastical and something stupid at times. So I don’t go for these books often. Anyways, I have to try once in a while to see if someone has written something that would have some appeal. Let’s find out how the story goes […]

Book Review: Music of the Night by Nancy Herkness

“The compulsion to create cannot be stopped, no matter what obstacles you put in its way.” ~~ Nancy Herkness (Book: Music of the Night) When you cannot decide which book to download to fill your Kindle Unlimited quota, going with yet another book of an author whose books you liked before, makes perfect sense. I […]

Book Review: Vows They Can’t Escape by Heidi Rice

‘Too Close For Comfort’ was the first Heidi Rice I read. It was good reading experience, though I found the story novella length. So when I recognized the author’s name in the library, I picked the book without much thinking.  It’s not often you spot a familiar name in the pile of books that look […]

Book Review: Miracle under the Mistletoe by Jennifer Taylor

I usually don’t go for this line of Mills and Boon books. The last one — Wedding at Pelican Beach by Emily Forbes — I read I was so boring that it’s a surprise that I even finished it. Anyway, this one isn’t part of any box-sets and it’s apparently published recently. So let’s find […]

Book Review: Wedding at Pelican Beach by Emily Forbes

“The future will take care of itself. Don’t miss out on what you’ve got right now by worrying about the future.” ~~ Emily Forbes (Book: Wedding at Pelican Beach) This is the last story in the bundle and my expectations are not many from this one at all. Anyway, let’s read the review to find […]

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