Book Review: Laird of the Highlands by Caro LaFever

Series: Book 9 in the ‘International Billionaires – The Scots’. I enjoyed reading ‘Wife by Force‘ despite running into some issues at the end. It made sense to read one more Ms. Caro LaFever’s books. I have some of the author’s books, which made the process of selection a bit difficult. But the title got […]

Book Review: Modern Girl’s Guide to Office Romance by Gina Drayer

Series: Book 5 in the ‘Modern Girl’s Guide’. “As you’re considering that office affair, take a minute to lay out five-year plan. Don’t let your relationship reaches the point where you feel it might take precedence over your job, re-evaluate things. But remember: fifteen minutes in heaven shouldn’t push your career plans back fifteen years.” […]

Book Review: Power by Sandra Marton

  Series: Book 1 in the ‘Special Tactical Units Division; In Wilde Country’. “Only a man who questions without understanding that which he questions is stupid.” ~~ Sandra Marton (Book: Power) My response to ‘Emily’ was lukewarm. So I hesitated to read this one, but then I thought let’s get over the task instead of […]

Book Review: Princess’s Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli

Series: Book in ‘The Chatsfield’ series. I didn’t bother much about spending time, deciding if I wanted this book. Its cover looked similar to ‘Billionaire’s Secret‘ and I recognized the author. I have read a couple of Carol Marinelli in the past. So ‘Princess’s Secret Baby’ got checked out along with the few others. Let’s […]

Book Review: When Da Silva Breaks the Rules by Abby Green

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Blood Brothers’. Another one of those books that’s part of a series and I bought it without checking it online first. It’s also the last one, so I’m wondering about information that I might miss as I haven’t read the previous two books. It’s not even given if I would […]

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