Book Review: Unraveled by the Rebel by Michelle Willingham

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Secrets in Silk’ “There are some men who cannot accept defeat. They’ll destroy everything in the hopes of acquiring what they desire most.” ~~ Michelle Willingham (Book: Unraveled by the Rebel) I wanted to move on to ‘Undressed by the Earl’, but thinking I might miss something I downloaded ‘Unraveled […]

Book Review: Mistress of His Revenge by Chantelle Shaw

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Bought by the Brazilian’ In a pile of Mills and Boon books in a library or a bookstore, it’s a difficult task to find a familiar author unless they are (maybe) popular. 😉 I have read a couple of Chantelle Shaw books — The Ultimate Risk & The Billionaire’s Secret […]

Book Review: Undone by the Duke by Michelle Willingham

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Secrets in Silk’ “While you cannot stop yourself from being afraid, you can choose the way you want to respond to it.” ~~ Michelle Willingham (Book: Undone by the Duke) The first time I saw this book in the Kindle Unlimited program, I didn’t pay it any special attention. But […]

Book Review: Vows They Can’t Escape by Heidi Rice

‘Too Close For Comfort’ was the first Heidi Rice I read. It was good reading experience, though I found the story novella length. So when I recognized the author’s name in the library, I picked the book without much thinking.  It’s not often you spot a familiar name in the pile of books that look […]

Book Review: Captive Star by Nora Roberts

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Stars of Mithra’ “You can’t save the world. Sometimes you can’t even save a little piece of it.” ~~ Nora Roberts (Book: Captive Star) Reading ‘Lessons Learned’ was an indescribable torture to my reading senses and I don’t have any or many hopes from ‘Captive Star’. So why read? To […]

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