Romanceaholic Anonymous is officially closed to accepting review request for an unspecified period of time.

There still will be book reviews! 🙂

Also Note: All the opinions shared on this blog belong to the author of the post and you may or may not agree with them. I try my best to present the pros or cons. Still the fact remains we are all biased creatures (and so am I) and not as objective as we like to believe.

Q 1: What’s the mission of my blogs?

The mission/purpose of my blogs is to provide honest review of books I read, irrespective of how I get them.

Q 2: Services offered:

Book reviews.

Q 3: Services are not offered or things we don’t participate in?

Giveaways, linkup parties, author interviews, editing, cover reveal, book tours, guest posts with unoriginal content or that’s already published almost everywhere online, sponsored reviews/posts, virus like awards on the web etc. etc.

If there’s something else I have forgot to add in the above list, add that too.

Q 4: What genres are reviewed?

Here on Romanceaholic Anonymous, we are only into Romance novels with HEA (happily ever after). No other genre is entertained or accepted here.

Q 5: Formats accepted.

Only ebooks.

Q 6: Formats not accepted.

I don’t accept audio books because:

Most days, music is playing in the background while I’m writing. After a while, I tune out the background noise. That’s exactly what’d happen to audio-books.

Q 7: How to contact for a review request?

Send me a message via ‘Contact Form’. Don’t attach copy of your book until you get a written yes.

Q 8: What increasing your chances of getting a review?

Sending me a message via email and adding things like you have read the review policy/faqs and have no problem with it. If you won’t mention it, I’m not wasting my time messaging you.

Don’t contact for book review requests via Facebook, Twitter publicly or via DM or Google Hangouts or private messages etc. These review requests will not be considered.

Q 9: Do you charge for a book review?

No. Please don’t ask this question again in the email.

Q 10: Do you always answer emails?

Yes. There could be a delay but you’ll get the answer.

Q 11: But you didn’t answer my email?

Are you an author? Or a publisher or an agent trying to get me to review an author(s) upcoming book reviewed? Or are you my one of my offline or online friends? No?

There’s your answer. I don’t answer emails that are promoting their startup and sending me notifications despite the fact that I never subscribed to get the updates.

That doesn’t mean you can’t contact me, you can but ‘Don’t Send Me Promotional Emails When I Have Not Subscribed To Your Blog.’

I will not hit the unsubscribe link when I never subscribed to receive spam from your company/blog. All such emails are promptly marked as spam and blocked.

The only time you won’t get an answer is when I’m not accepting any new review requests. All such review requests are not considered, even on later date, unless you contact again.

Or you’re contacting to see if I’m interested in any activity mentioned in Q no 3. Or when you want me to check out your book from the genre I do not accept for review. Or you’re addressing someone called ‘to whom it may concern’ (I don’t know anyone with that name and it’s certainly not my name!).

Q 12: Do you always publish reviews, good or bad?

Yes. If I have read the book, the review will be published.

Q 13: Would you be able to send a copy of review before publishing it?

Have I hired you as an editor to edit reviews to make them more helpful for the consumption of my blog readers? If not…

Then the answer is No.

I do understand your anxiety over not being able to control the outcome. But….There’s no point in contacting a reviewer if you don’t want his/her opinion.

Also, you probably have a blog or have friends who would love to write you a review you’d approve of.

As I see it, it’s an unethical practice, which I neither indulge in nor encourage.

Q 14: Do you publish a review of a book you haven’t finished?

No! It makes no sense to discuss a book I couldn’t finish.

Even to rant about a story, good, bad or worse, I like to read it first. So I won’t miss something. Sometimes a couple of chapters are the only ones that are either uninteresting.

In case I couldn’t finish your book even after trying my best you’d be informed. (Not every book is for everyone.)

There will not be half-hearted reviews of books that I didn’t even finish.

Q 15: Would it be okay if I publish the review on my blog or on a couple of other websites?

No you can’t copy paste the entire review over to your website/blog or to your friends/associates’ blog. It’s content duplication and Google frowns upon it.

I rather not spend my time sending you emails and asking you to remove the content. But if it comes to that then I’d do just that.

Or even report the duplicate page to Google as a last option. Something I almost did, when an author published the entire review on a couple of websites, without my permission, once upon a long time ago.

If you want to add few sentences that are praising your work, you could add them to you blog/website. Do credit my blog and link to the in-depth review on the blog. (If you’ve already have….Thank you.)

Also, don’t change my words while posting the review snippet on your blog. If you changed my words, I take no responsible for your actions.

Q 16: Do you post reviews on Amazon and GoodReads and similar sites?

No. I don’t have that kind of time to hop from one website to another.

Q 17: Do you accept guest or sponsored posts?


Q 18: How the ratings work:

I read for entertainment and can’t think of any other reason you’d write fiction. So the ratings are based on the entertainment & engagement value.

I’ve answered the questions I get asked, but in case you have any new questions/confusion, contact me.

Thank you. 🙂

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